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How to start a video chat

Neha Qik
posted this on March 31, 2011 01:49


Welcome to Qik Video Connect!

To start a video chat, you need to have a Qik account. If you don't have one, you can find out how to get onehere. 


Starting a video chat is simple, 

1) Open the Qik Video Chat app, and then log in with your username and password. 

Please make sure that you have iOS 4 and above and have download the Qik Video Connect/Connect Plus.

2) Tap on Connect to get started. 


3) Tap on the contact that you want to video chat with. Only contacts with the green video camera beside their names are available for video chat. Learn more about the availability of contacts here. 


There are 2 other ways you are able to connect a video chat,

- to type in the username or phone number in the 'keypad'

- to pick from one of your recent calls from 'history'


4) This will bring you to another screen that shows you the call has been initiated. 



5) Wait for the other person to accept your call, and start video chatting.

- The camera icon allows you to switch between front and back camera.
- The microphone icon allows you to mute your voice.

6) Once you are done, press the End Chat icon to end the call.

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