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Qik Website: Adding profile picture

Wesley Qik
posted this on March 28, 2011 18:26

To add a profile picture:

1) Go to www.qik.com, and log in

2) Click on the add profile picture button 


3) Click on browse, find image and upload.




User photo
Melinda Martinez

It kept saying to crop photo, if I crop my picture anymore you will not be able to tell it is me

April 08, 2011 03:17
User photo

I've uploaded my photo twice now, it tells me to crop but won't show the picture, and won't show the picture in my profile.

June 04, 2011 20:31
User photo
James Fernandez

ditto..so what can we do to fix this issue?

June 05, 2011 17:51
User photo
Justin Wood

having the same problem as the people above. This needs to be fixed PRONTO!!!!!

June 12, 2011 23:08
User photo
Jennifer FleenorWilson

I got through the whole upload process, and then it prompted me to "crop this photo" but didn't have anything to crop.  It didn't pull up my picture, it didn't highlight anything to click on and crop, nothing... what do you do?

June 14, 2011 14:46
User photo
Tamika Cargill
Well it won't let me upload a pic
June 17, 2011 10:57
User photo
Jamie Ochle

hey my picture wont show up its plms with qik,,, need to help.. thank....


June 26, 2011 06:20
User photo
Douglas Felt

I am having the same problem. No matter how many times I try to upload my picture, the page freezes. Is anybody listening out there in cyberspace?

June 28, 2011 16:14
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