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Why is my contact listed as 'not a Qik user' even though I know he/she is?

Qik Support
posted this on January 28, 2011 00:42

Please ensure that the user has registered his or her phone number with Qik and verified it.

To check if this is done, 

1) Login at www.qik.com, and go to Settings->Profile. 


2) Under the 'Phone numbers' section,  check that a number has been registered and verified by looking for the 'green tick.'

For more information on verification of phone number, click here.

3) After doing so, please make sure that his or her number saved on your phone matches that which is registered and sync your contacts list with Qik again so your Qik app recognizes that number as a valid Qik user.

To find out how to sync your contacts, click here

If after the above mentioned steps, the problem still persists, write us a support request and we'll investigate further.

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