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What is Qik?

Qik Team
posted this on October 19, 2010 19:50


Qik is a mobile video service that lets you capture video on your mobile phone from wherever you are and instantly share what you've captured with your family, friends and communities.  

Qik is available on over 200 phones, although the capabilities vary somewhat depending on which phone and which version of the Qik app you have. 

All Qik apps make it really easy to capture and instantly share video - through email, SMS, your social networks, blogs or sharing sites.  The video can even be streamed live right as you are recording it.

As you record videos with Qik, they are automatically uploaded to your own Qik page for sharing or safekeeping. 

Our latest Qik service, called Video Chat, gives you the ability to share live video two-ways from one mobile phone to another.  You can also send Video Mail if you are not available to talk live.  To see what phones currently support Video Chat, click here.

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