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What do you mean by live?

Qik Team
posted this on October 19, 2010 19:46

With Qik, there are two ways to go "live."

Live sharing means that your friends and family are able to watch your videos as you are recording them. They can watch it live at your qik.com/{your username} or get a notification from you to go to a link and watch it.  All versions of Qik offer the option to share video live. 

You can also share videos live between two mobile phones or other compatible devices, using our Video Chat service.  With Video Chat, you can have a video call with someone else and both parties can share live video with each other. Video Chat is a new service and we are working hard to roll it out to as many phones and devices as possible. 

Click here to see if Qik Video Chat is available for your phone. 


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