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What is Settings?

Wesley Qik
posted this on May 12, 2011 03:52

You are able able to set up your network connections, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, you are able to add contacts to your Qik application from your contact list. There are a few customizing option you are able to make, such as the privacy, loocation and video recording quality settings. Lastly, you are able to check the version number of your application.


To view the Settings options:

1) Log in to Qik Video Connect

2) Tap on ‘Menu’ on your device

3) Tap on ‘Settings’


To set up your network connections:

1) Tap on ‘Sharing’

2) Select the network you would like to integrate with and type in your username and password for the network 


To add a contact from your contacts list:

1) Tap on ‘Sharing’

2) Tap on ‘Contacts’

3) Tap on ‘Add from contact list’ and select he contact you would like to add from the list


To edit your Privacy settings:

1) Tap on ‘Privacy’

2) Check on the ‘Allow anonymous callers’ to allow anyone to call you


To set your location settings:

1) Tap on ‘Locations’

2) Select from the four options available,


-City Level: description.....

-Street Level

-Track Live 


To set the Video recording quality:

1) Tap on ‘Video recording quality’

2) Select from the three available options:

- Low




To check your version number of the application:

Look under ‘About’

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