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Why are there no contacts available for video chat on my contacts list?

Wesley Qik
posted this on May 12, 2011 03:05

When you see no contacts available for video chat, that is none of your contacts have a video camera icon beside their name on the Qik contacts list, there are two possible scenarios.

1. None of your friends are Qik users

2. You do have friends that are Qik users, but they are just not showing up.

In this case, we suggest that you sync your phone contacts with Qik again.

To do so,

1) On your home screen, tap on the menu button and then tap Settings.

2) Tap on Accounts and sync

3) Scroll to Qik Video Connect and tap it

4) Tap on sync contacts

5) Go back to the Qik app, and check the contacts again.

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