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How to upload videos from your camera roll to Qik

Neha Qik
posted this on April 14, 2011 23:06

To upload videos from your iPhone's gallery:

1) Login to Qik on your iPhone

2) Tap on 'My Videos'  



3) Tap on 'Upload from Camera Roll' to proceed



4) Select 'Camera Roll' and tap on the video from the list of videos you would like to upload to Qik

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at PM 04.12.38.png


5) Tap on 'Choose' to export the video to Qik Video Connect/Connect Plus

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at PM 04.41.27.png


6) Tap on 'Add Title' to edit the title of the video



7) Tap on 'Upload to Qik' and now, it would be on your Qik website for viewing.


Please make sure that the privacy setting for the video is set to public, if you would like others to view it.

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